Executive Coaching

There is an important shift taking place in leadership development. For the last several decades leadership development has been heavily focused on learning the skills and identifying the attributes required to lead. While both are necessary, what is becoming equally important is how you show up as a leader. How you interact with your team matters as much as your ability to drive outcomes.

Starting: Start with a complementary session getting to know each other and discussing what has your attention

Targeting: Together we will create a Development Plan targeting key areas of focus

Engaging: Meeting regularly creates accountability and engagement

Learning: Continual reflections on your learning loops and your opportunities to change behavior, beliefs and attitudes

Celebrating: Acknowledging the SHIFTS you’ve made become markers on your path of change

Continuing: Determining your next steps to continue involvement in your growth

Executive Coaching: Only one in four people claim they have worked with an inspiring leader. Do you inspire others to be great or are you great because of others? Demonstrating people skills is critical to the success of an inspiring leader. Executive Presence embraces more than behavior—it begins with a state of mind. Courage, clarity and communicating your passion in a way which moves others to progress beyond what they think they know is one of the greatest gifts you give as a leader. The way to do that is to be connected to who you truly are while demonstrating the skills required to manage the business.

Step into the new paradigm of leadership: integrate the ability to do with the ability to be. I work with executives to incorporate both.

Team Coaching: Aligning teams for action is critical to achieving business results. I can work with your team to take their next step to perform more effectively to achieve the outcomes for which they are responsible.

Understanding difference and leveraging each team members strengths along with having a clear plan of action creates alignment to something greater than what one individual can achieve and inspires the team to stretch into greatness.

My certification in several profiles can enhance the depth of the coaching experience for individuals and teams.

I can modify any training to fulfill your needs. I also custom design training for clients.

SHIFT Team Performance: Using Patrick Lencioni’s model for a High Preforming Team, a customized program is designed to fit your team’s needs taking them through the five levels: Building Trust, Mastering Conflict, Achieving Commitment, Embracing Accountability and Focusing on Results.  This training includes five monthly follow up sessions to ensure new standards of performance are established.

SHIFT Communication: Many problems at work are the result of poor communication. Just because we are communicating all day long doesn’t mean we are effective communicators. Do you slow down to listen with the intent to connect with and understand the other person? Do you share your point of view in a way that creates alignment or alienation? During this workshop participants practice tools to sharpen their skills to communicate with impact.

SHIFT Your Presence: Presence is not only how you present yourself, but who you are as you present. By combining presentation skills (beginning or advanced) with a deeper look at what you are doing inside yourself as you present, this one or two day workshop is both a skills and personal development workshop with real time practice. You will expand your ability to connect with yourself and your audience as well as communicate what is important to you. Size is limited to 8 participants.

Letting Wisdom Lead: As we move from the Information Age to the Wisdom Age, leaders are being asked to not only do different but to be different. How a leader shows up impacts their team as much as their behavior. To participate in this two day  workshop, completion of the Leadership Circle 360 Profile is required and time is spent integrating the profile with the model of a wise leader—how to maximize Head, Heart, Hunch and Hands.

SHIFT Productivity: Managing work, meetings, people and time has become more and more challenging as demands and speed continue to increase. The modules for this workshop can be expanded or collapsed based on the needs of the audience.

keynotes, workshops, seminars

I deliver various keynotes and speeches. Please contact me if you would like more information. SHIFT Workshops, Seminars and Coaching have been delivered in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South America, Asia and Australia.